We provide a rare mix of strong expertise in methods of adult learning and real-world business, management and organization development. We strive to keep our services highly practical and realistic. We work to ensure the continuing authentic, or wholehearted, participation of all participants in the consulting project.

Our consultation is carried out in a comprehensive, highly practical fashion with continued focus on the client’s preferred outcomes and applications. A primary outcome for us is to help our clients set up their own systems that they can duplicate elsewhere and modify later if they so desire. We don’t want to create “consultant dependent” organizations.

We work collaboratively with the people in your organization to shift their ways of thinking and being into ways that promote greater productivity and efficiency, and which energize the workplace.

We customize our consulting for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Burnout and renewal programs
  • Coaching programs
  • Employee performance management
  • Leadership development
  • Management development
  • Nonprofit management development
  • Organizational change and problem solving
  • Supervisory development
  • Support groups
  • Team building
  • Training

Strategic Planning Facilitation

We facilitate sessions for senior management teams and boards of directors to assist them in creating an ongoing strategic plan. Our consultants are talented facilitators and use a wide variety of techniques to help groups develop shared visions for the future. Our goal is to bring the right people together, and to make sure that a clear direction and a plan for follow through is created. A typical retreat might include:

  • Aligning company/department/individual vision, values, and direction.
  • Finding the most advantageous framing of current challenges.
  • Review of past successes, strengths to identify the most powerful resourcesthat can be brought to bear.
  • Analysis to identify the blind spots that come with organizational strengths.
  • Contingency plans to deal with known weaknesses or shortcomings in theorganization’s capabilities.
  • Identification and planning for cross-functional integration issues going forward.
  • Creation of a specific action plan.
  • Design of a monitoring process, to make sure the organization is following the plan, andthe plan is being adjusted as necessary to produce the desired results.
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