Why work with a Leadership / Executive Coach?

Executives play for high stakes, they play to win. As an executive, you are expected to overcome internal and external obstacles, out-think the competition, and guide your organization on a path of agility and competitiveness. Yet you are often alone in your quest for excellence. Executive coaching will help you keep your strategies and creativity alive, your focus clear, and will give you the feedback and honest conversation that are required for you to push toward your own edges and maximize your talents. Executive coaching can help you:

  • Clearly define your vision and develop strategies to achieve it Achieve greater potential in your business and personal goals
  • Maximize your strengths and abilities
  • Find ways to deal with the demands of work without giving up  your whole life, your personal relationships, or your health
  • Cope with conflict in a healthy and beneficial way
  • Increase your staff’s performance and productivity by moving from managing to results oriented coaching
  • Eliminate the blocks that keep you from demonstrating your best performance

What are the benefits of working with an Executive Coach?

You will collaborate with someone who will give honest feedback, strategically work to help you reach your goals, and be a partner with you on your path to achieving your greatest aspirations.

Executive Coaching is, at it’s core, a relationship. Therefore, it is important to work with a coach who is not only credentialed, but experienced.

I offer a one hour complimentary session to help you determine if we are a “good fit”. I don’t use this session to “sell” you on coaching. We use this time to help you experience what executive coaching is and how it can benefit you. I trust your judgment to determine if the match is right for you.

How does executive coaching work?

After we agree to work together, we will set up a schedule to meet either in person or over the phone. Coaching sessions generally last 30 minutes to two hours every one to two weeks. If meeting face to face is important to you, I will do my best to accommodate you. Most of my clients have coaching sessions over the phone. Many executives like this convenience and have not seen any decrease in its effectiveness.

Is the executive coaching confidential?

When I work directly with you, my services are 100% confidential. This allows you to share with me at a level you may find difficult to reach within your company. This level of confidentiality also allows me to maintain my objectivity.

What is my investment?

The investment in executive coaching varies according to your needs and the number of hours per month you want coaching.

How do I get started?

To find out more about how executive coaching can assist you and to set up a complimentary coaching session, click here to contact me.

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