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"Personal mastery means approaching one's life as a creative work, living life from a creative as opposed to reactive viewpoint."

- Peter Senge -


Individual Coaching

If you want to be an active participant in all of the facets of your life, individual coaching may be right for you. You will open more possibilities in your work and in your life.

With the caring and challenging coaching I provide, you will attract the things that are most important to you.

Individual one-on-one coaching takes place 3 times per month, for 30 - 45 minutes each session. If you are currently considering, or in the midst of, a major life or work transition, such as a big career change, a job change, a change in responsibilities at work, moving to a new location, or a personal or relationship transition, individual coaching can help you take actions that will help you make a successful transition.

If life or work is spinning out of control and you want to create a healthy change, coaching may be for you. Big changes create the need for you to have specialized support, and working with a coach is one of the most effective ways of bridging through your transition.

           Coaching establishes clear and supportive communications and relationships Coaching provides a structured dialogue to examine possibilities

           Coaching is transformational

           Coaching is an investment in yourself. I want you to have confidence in your selection of me as a coach who provides a safe haven to help you explore your goals, envision your potential, and give your dreams a voice.

To see if we are right for each other, please click here to contact me for a free 30 minute coaching session.


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