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"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being."

- Goethe -


Corporate Coaching

Are the dollars you are spending for training and consulting leading to results?

Are your managers and executives operating at their peak performance?

Are there conflicts between your leaders?

Do your teams work efficiently and cooperatively together?

Are you retaining your key employees?

Does your corporate culture empower leaders to implement creative solutions to challenging issues?

Coaching is about helping your people and teams reach peak performance, increase their productivity and leadership skills in the workplace. It is about turning managers into leaders and transforming good performance into extraordinary performance.

U.S. companies spend over $375 billion every year to train their employees and managers. However, they only experience an average increase of 20-25% in employee productivity for all their time, effort and money.

Corporate coaching is an effective way to assist leaders and managers to succeed at and exceed their goals. A recent survey by the Manchester Group measured the Return on Investment (ROI) of 100 managers and executives of Fortune 1000 companies who received customized Executive Coaching. The survey found customized corporate coaching to return an average of six times the cost of the coaching program with an average estimated savings of more than $100,000.

A customized coaching and training program can increase your company's employee and managerial productivity by over 80% because it is:


           Application driven

           A collaborative process

           Focused on real world implementation and customized to meet each employee's specific needs.

           Many companies are experiencing the value of corporate coaching in helping them to:

           Maximize the benefits of their training and development dollars

           Create strong, effective leaders

           Retain key employees while keeping them at peak performance

           Turn a questionable leader into a peak performer

           Help employees who aren't effective into a better focused position


What does a corporate coach do?

Corporate coaching focuses on maximizing the strengths and talents of your people, actively developing their growth areas, increasing their morale, improving retention, matching individual goals with organizational goals and helping to determine who can be a productive member of the team.

Companies work with corporate coaches to:

           Deal with the executive who has been promoted on technical skills or pure performance, but
                needs to build greater people or communication skills

           Help improve morale and retention of top talent

           Work with a team to help them be more productive

           Resolve conflict between teams or individuals

           Improve leadership skills

           Develop high performance teams

Companies realize that coaching does not have the negative stigma associated with therapy or the somewhat demoralizing impact of hiring an expert consultant to "fix" the problem.

The benefits to companies that provide coaching to their managers and executives are improvements in:

           Leadership effectiveness

           Organizational strength

           Retaining executives who receive coaching

           Overall productivity

The benefits to managers and executives who receive coaching are improved:

           Leadership skills

           Conflict resolution techniques

           Working relationships with employees

           Job satisfaction

           Work and life balance

           Working relationships with peers

           Time management

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